BuyandShip for Expats, Part 1: Intro and Registration

So it’s come to this.

There’s just that one thing you want to buy from abroad that you can’t find in Taiwan, no matter how hard you try. Maybe it’s pancake batter. Maybe it’s a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Your favorite deodorant or soap. The latest streetwear from Y3, Supreme, or Champion. Maybe it’s that sweet drop on MassDrop, or something that caught your eye on Kickstarter or Amazon. Maybe it’s just that you don’t want to pay double the US price for a pair of Adidas or that Le Creuset. You know that feeling.

But then, they want HOW MUCH for shipping?!

But finding better, cheaper ways to ship from abroad is a hunt. You hear rumors: someone’s got a friend coming to Taiwan from overseas and they’re bringing a suitcase. Someone’s got a hook-up for bringing things in. Maybe you were adventurous enough to find a personal shopper, a 代購. Each method is just so annoying.

We at Buyandship get it.

So we offer NT $150 per pound for whatever you buy from the UK, the United States, Korea, or Japan. If you’re buying from China or Hong Kong, it’s even less: only NT $100 per pound. Use our warehouses’ addresses to seamlessly shop on your favorite overseas sites. Amazon, Forever 21, Gymshark, Roots, iHerb, Foot Locker, Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Urban Outfitters, Farfetch, eBay, and virtually anywhere your online shopping hunts take you.

If joining our members in unlimited international shopping sounds good to you, then keep reading for a step-by-step guide on registering. It’s free!

  1. Navigate to our signup page: It’s all in Chinese, but don’t be scared! We’ve got the entire signup process sorted out for you here.
  2. Click on the Register (註冊) tab.
  3. Fill in your last name (姓氏), first name (名字), email address (電郵地址). Type in a new password (密碼), and make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long. When you’re done, click on the orange Register button at the bottom (註冊).
  4. Next, you’ll receive an email from, and the subject will be 電郵驗證. Open up the email, and click on the first hyperlink in the email.
  5. You’ll be immediately taken back to the login page. Simply enter in your email (電郵地址) and password (密碼), and click on the Login (登入) button.
  6. This is your Account Profile (個人資料) page. Much of this information will already be filled in.
  7. Select your gender (性別) and birthdate (生日). If you have a referral code from a current Buyandship member, type it into the Referral Code (推薦朋友號碼) field. Lastly, the phone number field (流動電話號碼) is required for SMS verification. Please then enter in your Taiwan mobile number, and do not include the leading “0″; the phone number field should only be 9 digits long.
  8. Once you’re done, click on the Update (重新發送) button.
  9. Within a few minutes, you should receive an SMS message with a code. Enter it into the Verification Code (確認碼) field.
  10. You’re almost there! Last is just a couple of checkboxes. The first checkbox is optional; check it if you want to receive promotional emails from Buyandship. The second checkbox is to accept the user agreement, and is required. When you’re done, simply click the Update (更新) button.

That’s it! That’s all you need to become a full Buyandship member.

If you’ve followed along, we recommend that you add a shipping address to your profile. Head on over to 👉Part 2: Adding a Shipping Address👈 to get started!

Not yet a member? Come sign up! Every new member gets NT $120 in free shipping credit, so shipping your first pound with us can be less than USD $1. Click on the banner below to get started!

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