BuyandShip for Expats, Part 4: Consolidation and Payment

Did you get an email from BNS 國際代運 (台灣) that looks like this?

This means that your shipment arrived in Hong Kong! The excitement! The anticipation! It’s within your grasp!

You’re…not excited? Wait, you’re not yet even a member?? You’re not enjoying fast, cheap, international shipping on whatever you buy from overseas? You’re seriously not enjoying NT $150 per pound in shipping from the UK, the US, Korea, and Japan? Not even NT $100 per pound from China and Hong Kong?

Come on! Quick, check out 👉Part 1: Intro and Registration👈 of this series to learn more about us and how to register. It’s free!

Now, back to the main event. Consolidate and pay for your shipments!

If you haven’t logged in already, then go to Enter in your email address (電郵地址) and your password (密碼), and click Login (登入). If you’ve logged in before, then your browser will take you directly to your account.

Once you’ve landed in the Member Center (會員中心), click on the fourth option in the left-hand navigation bar: Shipment Declaration (貨件申報管理). Then, scroll down and click on the Hong Kong Warehouse tab (香港倉庫).

  1. This tab shows all of your packages that are currently sitting in the Hong Kong warehouse.
  2. Check the boxes next to the shipments that you want to consolidate. You can select more than one and save! Consolidation is explained in some more detail a little further down.
  3. Select the delivery address (取貨方法), and select your payment method (付款方法). Currently, we only accept credit cards, which is the only option.
  4. If you have credit (maybe from being a new member!), you can use them here! Just type in the amount of credits (使用積分) that you want to use. The number on top is the how many credits you have left.
  5. Check both of the boxes (both are required), and then click the Consolidate My Shipments button (合并集運選擇了的貨件).
  6. Next, you’ll see a confirmation pop-up. Check the box, and then click on Pay Now (立即付款).
  7. We use Stripe to process cards, so simply click the blue button to confirm payment, and then enter in your credit card info.

Sweet! Once you finish you’ll be taken to the Transshipment Orders page (轉運單). Come by here any time to see the status of goods as they leave Hong Kong and get delivered to your doorstep!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about consolidation! We calculate shipping fees by rounding up to the next pound. So, if you have a shipment that weighs 1.3 lbs, we charge for 2 lbs of shipping fee. But with the magic of consolidation, you can combine shipments from multiple countries into a single order, and save on shipping fees.

Let’s say you buy 2.3 lb from the US, 5.2 lb from Japan, and 2.2 lb from the UK.

No consolidation With consolidation
Chargeable weight calculation:

1) 2.3 lb → 3 lb chargeable weight
2) 5.2 lb → 6 lb chargeable weight
3) 2.2 lb → 3 lb chargeable weight

Chargeable weight calculation:

2.3 + 5.2 + 2.2 = 9.7 lb → 10 lb total

Shipping fees = [NT 150] x (3 + 6 + 3) = NT 1,800 Shipping fees = [NT 150] x (10) = NT 1,500

So, with consolidation could save a healthy chunk of cash!

The only condition is that the shipments arrive at the Hong Kong warehouse within 14 days of each other. There is no restriction on the country of origin. Consolidate from multiple countries to your heart’s content!

Now that you’ve gone through the whole Buyandship process, the last great part about our service is that you can earn NT 200 in free shipping credits by referring your friends! Head on over to 👉Part 5: Refer a Friend👈 to learn more!

Not yet a member? Come sign up! Every new member gets NT $120 in free shipping credit, so shipping your first pound with us can be less than USD $1. Click on the banner below to get started!

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